TCL 55P607 | 3 Month Review! Best Budget 4K HDR TV 2017!

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The TCL 55P607 has to be the best budget 4K HDR TV for 2017! With all the technology in this TV it’s a no brainer!

TCL 55P607 Unboxing:

TCL 55P607 Dolby Atmos Setup:

TCL 55P607 + Xbox One X Gameplay:

Best TCL HDR Settings:

HDR Dark
Game Mode: On
Local Contrast: High
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Backlight: 100
Contrast: 100
Sharpness: 0
Color: 55
Tint: 0
Color Temperature: Warm

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Equipment used to film and edit:
iPhone 7+
iPad Pro
Osmo Mobile:
Final Cut Pro X
iMac 5K Late 2015
MacBook Pro 9,1 Mid 2012

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About this video:

In this video, Channa D (Techno Dad) reviews the TCL 55P607 and TCL 55P605. These have to be the best 4K HDR TVs of 2017! For the price, you will not get as many features as this TV. The CTL P series is just amazing for the price! There are some downsides as TVs are not perfect, BUT, the TCL 55P607 is the best of the pack in the budget price range. Check out this video and the TV at your local Best Buy!


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31 thoughts on “TCL 55P607 | 3 Month Review! Best Budget 4K HDR TV 2017!

  1. I had This TV for 3 weeks, I returned it to BestBuy and got the Sony X900E. I understand the P605 is only 599 but to me you get a 600 dollar picture quality tv.

    No matter how much I adjusted the settings I always felt like there was a tint/haze to the picture. The Sony X900E is clear and beautiful.

    If your only going to play video games and nothing else on the TCL then maybe I could see getting it, if your going to do anything else choose a different tv.

    To be HDR didn’t pop at all on the TCL because the peak brightness isn’t very bright. The difference between the Sony X900E and the TCL are HUGE, on Assassin Creed Origins I have to squint at the sun, it was haze on the TCL.

    As far as the input lag, I can’t tell a difference between either tv. As Techno dad said watching sports is Brutal on the TCL.

    I know a lot of people love This TV because it’s only 600, but that’s how it preforms like a 600 dollar TV.

    I know the Sony X900E cost twice as much at 1200, it will be 999 for the 55 on Black Friday at BestBuy but it’s a good HDR that make a difference with HDR. To me the Sony X900E is a budget 4K HDR TV as it’s the best gaming tv at this price.

    I don’t really consider the TCL HDR as the peak brightness isn’t anywhere close to 1000 nits.

    My opinion if you spent 400 on a PS4 PRO and 500 on a Xbox One X you went all out for console gaming, why not get a tv that can take advantage of those consoles.

    I have a LG B6 OLED also, it blows away LED tv I’ve ever seen, but I don’t want to risk burn in playing video games so I got the Sony.

    If you can’t afford 1200 for a decent 4K HDR tv then can you really afford a Xbox one x and a PS4 Pro? Not really.

  2. So a full video on a tv and you only shown about 4 seconds of the t.v. it was all you swinging your arms around shouting sweet!! Top review!!

  3. If game mode is on and that turns off the processing such as upscaling and the true-motion, what will a none-4k source look like? For example will a standard xbox one (not S or X) with 1080 output only take up a 1/4 of the screen? I know you said none-4k looks better in game mode, but can you confirm the image sizing of none-4k content in game mode, no upscalling?

  4. 5:31 This setup he points out I had to look up as to how to do it. For anyone who is interested…

    I found it on TCL's website.

    I bought this TV myself and while some are nit picking at some things about picture, the positives far outweigh any negatives. I appreciate your review of the TV by the way, it was one of the major factors in helping me decide on the TV. I didn't want to go crazy and spend thousands on a TV… computer ok but not a TV lol.

  5. The P607–Amazon / P605-bestbuy, is Full Array Backlit, compared to the new highest end model the( 807) which is Edge Lit

  6. Just ordered one of these to replace my old Pioneer Kuro 5020-FD that my brother gave me years ago, will I be impressed or have years of Kuro spoiled me? lol

  7. @tecknodad def seems better on cable with game mode on. I wonder if I should shut off game mode when watching a UHD on the x for a better picture? Also any way to turn off wifi so I get a better connection for gaming?

  8. Hey great video!! question would you recommend this TV over the Sony 900E? also I like the sound absorbing foam you have any chance you could let me know where you got it, all I find is the smaller sizes.

  9. I got the tcl p607 yesterday, is amazing, I love it, but??? Just I wait for the 55” 6 series or return this one? What do you think?

  10. Had to pause the video 1 minute in to say I super appreciate the timeline you have that popped up. Haven't seen the before and makes it super convenient to just jump to certain points. Good idea and thanks!

  11. Hi Techno Dad. Thanks to your detailed review, I went ahead and bought the P605. When I connected it, it automatically did a system update. Any chance that this update is the same you did manually in another video? How do you check software version on this TV? Thanks in advance from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  12. that sucks you have to do a workaround to fix those issues. Im thinking of the Sony 900E or F instead. I like the Roku interface as well (I have an older Roku streamer). But Ive heard the Sony is fantastic at upscaling non 4k source matl which is what I have most of now since I dont have anything in 4k yet…. so may pass on this TV but its great that it does all 3 HDR formats (HDR/HLD/DV).

  13. I just bought this TV but can't see game mode on my PS4 under picture settings. Thanks for reviewing the TV and making my choice easier

  14. This is the best review I’ve seen yet! I was trying to decide between the Vizio M Series and this and I’m definitely grabbing this one now.

  15. Question for you guys. I’m loving the p607. However, I do notice light bleed on the corners (or maybe what’s called “blooming”). Is this normal? Local dimming fixes it when it kicks on, but is light bleed a normal thing every tv will have with this model, or does that mean mine is defective?

  16. I am having an issue getting 4K working when streaming amazon and ultra hd 4K shows on netflix. Shows on Netflix that are Dolby Vision are streaming in 4K perfectly fine. 4K Videos on you tube also stream fine. Anyone else having this issue?

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