TCL iFFALCON Smart 4K TV Review after 3 Months of Use

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This has been one of my most extensive product reviews as TVs are not frequently bought. So I took some time to review this TV over a period of 2-3 months and would recommend you to purchase it or consider it among your top options when considering to purchase a new TV this year.

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22 thoughts on “TCL iFFALCON Smart 4K TV Review after 3 Months of Use

  1. the most imp thing to consider nw is durability.. purchased a samsung tv ad it was dead in 5 years … whereas my Sony TV is still alive at the age of 10years… I think iFfalcon toh 2 years me khatam ho jayega 😀

  2. Can u please suggest a picture since it look dull as compared to my previous Samsung f5000 46 inch led TV which is 6 year old and there is not much beightness

  3. Hello Sir ,

    Can you please tell me about Brightness level .

    As 49 n 55 4K both have 280Nits compare to other TV which has 450 . Is this imp aspect also to watch while selecting

  4. I want to buy this tv. Is this tv still working gud bcoz i saw negative comments tht after 1 or 2 months it occurs problems. Plz rply

  5. yeh i was using this tv since its first sale and the only thing i regret is the lack of smoothness in gaming (APK) and havent received a single ota update. in the end this tv smokes away all the rivals at this price. why dont you create a group to form a community for our tv ?

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