TCL ROKU Streaming HDTV 32″ LED TV Customer Review-Walmart Purchase

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Customer review of the TCL Roku 32″ streaming HDTV that we purchased at Walmart

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30 thoughts on “TCL ROKU Streaming HDTV 32″ LED TV Customer Review-Walmart Purchase

  1. Thanks – How is the sound level? Will it be loud enough for a large room about 15×26? Or will I need a sound bar?

  2. Does HDMI work well if you arent running off a cable box? Also, how bad are the problems with the cable input? Thanks for he video!

  3. I recommend not getting this tv. There is a fatal glitch where the tv is unresponsive (It happens very often). The sound cuts off and nothing works. I have expierienced the glitch many times the day I bought the tv. Hope this helped.

  4. hello, does can this tv go online and watch movies? instead of using cable? if yes how do you hook up the wireless to the tv? im looking for a tv that can go online and watch all kinds of movies etc….or is it a tv that connects automatically to the internet?

  5. Just picked up one of these at Wal-Mart for $125.00 Seems like a really good deal for a 32 inch with built-in Roku. Hope it works out.

  6. Unboxing videos can be a little better. You can to see all the contents in the box (if you sell one day), and others have stated that their line of Roku TV was slow to start. I'm not sure if this model is slow to start but the video suggests otherwise. If it doesn't turn on quickly, it should be on par with the Sharp Roku TV. Elsewhere it stated that TCL responded to a customer quickly. 5 days later with another brand, the oCOSMO, and I got no response with a technical problem with their TV that I haven't used much, so I will stay away from that and the Element brand. I'll try this TV out because of the price and the customer support sounds Ok.

  7. Is the shrunk picture on everything or just apps? Is the actual picture 32"? if not how small is the picture? Is the shrunk picture on all channels or was that just a specific show? I would be using antenna and mp4 video. I'm glad you have the video, I would b ticked off if I bought a 32" and got a 19" picture

  8. I'm not that tech savy…We have Uverse and a Roku device on our TV upstairs. No other cable hook up in the house right now. If I were to purchase this Tv and put in the basement for my daughter what exactly will it do when plugged in? I'm assuming since it has wi fi it will still pick up Roku apps channels and that's it correct? Also how is the sound? Do you have to turn it all the way up to hear it like a lot of the smaller TV's?

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