TCL Roku Tv 32S3800 Review

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This is an unpaid review for the 32 inch TCL Roku TV 32S3800. I am really enjoying this TV especially because it was more affordable than many of its competitors but the value is the same if not better!!!! Enjoy!

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


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9 thoughts on “TCL Roku Tv 32S3800 Review

  1. Hey im in china…. i wanna buy it with amazon are there any more Expenses to pay after it has arrive? And how long does it take to arrive?

  2. netflix button
    amazon button
    but not youtube button 🙁
    does it lagging when watching HD channels ? some people say it does
    and does it have a good quality ?

  3. you can get free trial after the free trial to sling the packages start at $20.00. I think you can sign up through the app now but if not type in sling tv on Google and go to their website and sign up.

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