Tencent Gaming Buddy – Official PUBG Mobile Emulator – All Settings / Features Explained

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Today we take a look at Tencent’s new emulator Tencent Gaming Buddy, and I explain what (almost) every button and feature currently does. This is a public beta release, so features may move around or change in the future!

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37 thoughts on “Tencent Gaming Buddy – Official PUBG Mobile Emulator – All Settings / Features Explained

  1. why ppl would like to play mobile games on pc i realy dont understand, i think it is because of they r realy nobb so they cant play otjherwise, if u love playing on pc play normal pubg or lol or dota 2 idiots

  2. i have only one problem every time i lunch the emulator the pubg update all over again and i need to sign in with my Facebook again how do i fix this?

  3. mouse lock switch will convert mouse input into cursor movement when turned off and when on will use mouse movement to move the characters crosshair

  4. every time I toggle the map or inventory or free look my gun start shooting by itself and it doesn't stop until I left click how can I fix this

  5. you got i7 procesor 1060ti gpu then why the hell are you playing pubg mobile you can just play the pc version with that specs of yours

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