44 thoughts on “Tencent Interviews Nathan Rich

  1. 我来替火锅取个中国名字,姓氏Rich,直接取富字,百家姓排第二百一十九,名Nathan,来自于圣经,有被先知赋予的含义,拿一个字予,再拿一个森字取其音,富森予

  2. 就你这个人的言论,你的这个人绝对的是个狗?,真是人不要脸天下无敌呵呵,不过请你去别的国家乱说乱传播你的那些所谓的非常正确的价值观,中国不需要你这个骗子

  3. This old boy Jared was rowdy an a member of the vagos but he got arrested an thrown in jail. U would have liked him thouf0gh

  4. Nm we gave the world many great things were gonna give phx rising a beat down. Because they vandalized our cars death to phx Duke city till I die oi oi fuk phx

  5. If u got the chance to meet gremlin magic man nightmare they would have made good sluts in the city. They raised more hell than u ever now. Look up Dan gladden if ur ever in Las vegas

  6. Maybe you would enjoy USA culturally just like you appreciate China if USA wasn't built upon destroying the natives and their culture with it, then it would have a much richer and longer culture.

  7. You are amazing, I am so glad to find your Channel. Love your speech mannerism and positive attitude! OH you are good looking too! Do not worry this compliment is coming from an old lady LOL!!!!!!I I look for your new episode daily.

  8. I just discovered this video . Its a fresh ' take ' on your perspective of China unlike other ' bashers ' of this country . thanks !

  9. Nathan, you should send some sweets to Tencent for they did make you look slim and fit! At least much better than in last one! ??

  10. Good that you are true to yourself. Enjoy your videos. Continue your good work so that foreigners have better ideas on China.

  11. I suddenly realize that all the experience we gained from life, no matter good or bad, shaped us. I was touched when I saw that you say quite naturally that the past life that left you a shadow has made you the present. Just like you were telling someone’s story. You admit the existence of that period time and face it frankly, which is really really difficult in the real life. It’s sound easy but it is very very hard. I saw a lot of good qualities from you. I can learn many many things in different aspects. So proud of you, wish I can be such a person like you one day.

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