The END of Hardcore Minecraft…

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Today in Hardcore Minecraft we try and reach level 1,000!

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50 thoughts on “The END of Hardcore Minecraft…

  1. Series we all miss:
    Crazy craft
    Blood and bones
    100 ways to die
    Murder Run
    Gold Cobblestone
    Lucky Blocks
    Feed the Beast

    Am I wrong?

  2. SSundee Quote of the Year: What do you think is wrong with you guys? Why do you watch my videos? Listen, I just say the words, you guys actually continue to watch EH.
    If you wanna hear him say it: 6:15–6:22

  3. Ssundee if u see this you probably wont but please can i have a shout out i was 1 of the first subscribers of yours btw me sad that hard cour ended

  4. Nah dude. Those aint veterans of the channel. Real veterans will remember rupert from the jump map series. Now thats old.

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