The New TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TV on National Cut The Cord Day!

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It is National Cut The Cord Day, and here is a look at the brand new TCL 55″ 4K HDR 6-Series TV! TCL is ALSO giving away 103 brand new 4-series TV’s as well! Subscribe for more:
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The 6-Series has premium picture technologies like Dolby Vision HDR and Contrast Control Zones.

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48 thoughts on “The New TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TV on National Cut The Cord Day!

  1. What will be price for TCL 43 inch new smart TV? Can we use amazon firestick and download third party app and play. What is the refresh rate of the TV. How many HDMI and USB Ports are there? Any advance audio tech they have used. Whether it has 3.5 mm audio out is there? What will be screen resolution? How many watts speakers? What will be weight of the TV? I do hope it should have Wi-fi, Bluetooth, LAN/Ethernet. Any screen casting or mirror casting available? What will be the audio and video format supports? Whether it has MHL connectivity support? How is the sound quality and picture quality compare to sony and samsung? Whether they use any technology for blur free viewing. what is the viewing angle? Can we add additional speakers with tv? How many years warranty period? What about service centre in Chennai? India Where are the showrooms in Chennai? Whether it has any additional features compare with Sony TV / Samsung TV. Is it purely complete android TV? Whether it comes with 3D? What is backlight depth? What is the built in storage capacity?

  2. I was very very surprised watching this TV and see the color just how good it was and I came form a qled at that time was shocking I'm like anybody that gets this TV would be happy even its 4k image was outstanding it implemented contrast in a great way like really good

  3. I have the 55” BestBuy version as my secondary/bedroom TV. This TV is almost as good, with the exception of the below par Local Dimming in comparison to my Sony Z9D in the living room. The Z9D is an OLED killer and definitely the best LED/LCD TV ever made to this date. The BestBuy version of this TCL, forget if it’s the 615 or 617, but there is no voice button on the remote as it has a different remote. There is however one on the app for your phone, also headphone support on the app as well. As far as picture quality goes, I call this TV a “Baby Z9D”. Nothing in it’s price range comes close to getting this bright, critical for amazing HDR. Although not getting quite as bright as my Z9D in both SDR and HDR, (one of the Z9D’s strengths, especially over OLED) it does get pretty damn bright, especially for its price point. The one flaw in this TV is it’s a tiny bit below par on its local dimming, especially compared to the Z9D. If comparing 65” models, the Z9D has ~648 local dimming zones compared to 120 on this TCL. (96 on the 55” version) Also Sony algorithm that controls its local dimming is way better than TCL’s, so this is expected. Overall for the money this TV is unbeatable, as the Z9D cost me over $2000 more than this TV. If I was doing it all over again, I may go with two of these and save a whole lot of money (one 55” and one 65”), that’s how good the picture quality is with this TCL. I do love my Z9D though, HDR is a tad bit noticeably better, especially with minimal blooming, but not $2000+ better.

  4. As "thetruth" commented below, we can't "CUT THE CORD" where we live in Northern Ontario Canada either because we only get Bell Canada 5Meg Internet offered through a cellular based home hub that has a 100 gig cap. So…obviously we can stream "carefully" but not at UHD content so taking advantage of the full capability of the TV is limited. Also 5Meg internet when streaming kills the internet for other users not to mention buffering on TV. Very sad. ALSO for over the air HD we have 2 channels lol. So back to the stone age if we cut our only available HD content offered AGAIN by Bell Canada's Satellite TV service!
    So there ya have it….Digital Broadcasters still have a grip on some of us so watching these "CORD CUTTERS" is a myth for some! Enjoy your TV…as us NON cord cutters stand at the concert gate looking for scalpers….

  5. I got this tv, what kind of mount can I use to mount a soundbar under it? The back is not flat and the ones I got didn’t work

  6. I cut the cord nearly a year ago and should have done it sooner!!! Sling has been a fantastic option at (under 20 dollars soon to go up to 25) for my live tv which includes espn cnn amc history channel food net work etc just to name a few and of course I have Netflix Hulu prime video and I’m still now where in the ball park of what cable was costing me.

  7. "cut the cord' is a marketing ploy. A smart tv – even ROKU – has channels available but most are subscription services. I wish people who sell products were more honest and forthright.

  8. TCL……they need to fix their quality control, many issues with the banding and turning off by itself issues. Bought one and return it 5 days later. Mine kept turning off by itself, after the 8th time, it went back to Best Buy. Bought a Vizio and definitely a much better TV.

  9. Please be aware that this TV has pretty bad vertical banding issues. Seems like only a few Youtubers mention this fact. It may not bother everyone, but if you watch a lot of sports, play games, or watch animated content, you will likely notice the vertical banding and dirty screen effect. Otherwise the TV looks great, but if you think DSE and banding will bother you, be prepared to exchange or return. The issue is prevalent throughout TCLs line up.

  10. Alright i cut the cord. I told comcast to go f themselves. I hooked up my tv and realized i needed internet. Shoot comcast is my only high speed internet provider and there is a data cap. Im now paying comcast nearly the same for just internet as i was before for internet and tv. You cant win in the usa when there is no competition in most places.

  11. I'm looking for a non smart 4k HDR TV since I already have a 4k roku, Chromecast, Google home, Amazon Echo, Kangaroo PC, and a 4k Android Kodi box Walmart sells non smart 4k TVs without HDR. Any suggestions?

  12. Tcl has never let me down, the quality of the image is very impressive and its a very durable tv. If I ever change my current tv it will be for a bigger size but not other brand I've found that for the price offers so much

  13. Im thinking about buying this. Is it thick? I live in a really small apartment and would like it to be minimalistic. If that make sense. thanks!

  14. SCan you make the tv go straight to an input (where it left off before powered off) without going through the menu? Looking at buying, but want to use an amazon cube.

  15. What would be great is if you could reprogram the four buttons.
    I have a 30 inch model, older but still new to me.
    Also have a few roku boxes. And the roku on the tv is as fast if not faster than my roku 4 box.
    Very pleased with it. Some people have complained that the volume on these TVs do not get loud enough, when in truth the volume can be quite loud. The problem is many of the TVs speakers are down firing like those on my tv. Simple plastic diverters would redirect the sound and probably double or nearly double the perceived volume. I know what I think would work, I just don’t know where to get them made or know any place to buy something like what I have in mind.

  16. Horrible lip synch issues which can only be fixed partially by choosing or defaulting to pcm stereo only in audio settings on tv. I am really struggling with this poor tv.

  17. Tons of reports of dirty screen/banding and vignette. Way more than any other TV reviews. Seems bad QC and from a new company. Not smart to blow $ on these unless you buy the extended warranty or something. I don't care about roku or gaming. I'm trying to find a solid 65" that's as reliable as our 10 yr. old Bravia.

  18. These tv's are trash and break after a year. Just read the reviews. Don't be retarded and buy a cheap Chinese brand. Buy a reliable brand that last.

  19. Hi, I really like to ask you guys how is the sound on this TV, I am contemplating to get one, I have the feeling that the picture quality is compatible with Samsung 6 series just much cheaper, also I cant get a 49 inch Samsung in my country but I can get a 49" TCL which would fit better in size and in distance as well, hope I can get an answer. thanks

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