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Bill is back! Ready for more, with translations in hand, to check out the solos from Wings by BTS from Big Hit Entertainment! Check out his thought and review to each member’s song as he continues his journey to Try to Stan BTS!

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27 thoughts on “TRYING TO STAN BTS 2: WINGS (SOLOS)

  1. that’s why Wings Era was the most emotional, personal and cry worthy era of their career i guess. that’s the era where they openly said what they feel and what the struggles they’ve been through.Its like an introduction for them coz that era also was the start of their global recognition. Where fans are increasing and the love for them is spreading. i’ll never get tired listening and loving this era. i mean i do love every era. but in this one. i learned so much about them. i relate myself to every song. and helps me get through to it .;)❤️❤️

  2. i feel like you would really enjoy the love myself era. they had three albums- love yourself: her, love yourself: tear, and love yourself: answer. also i feel like in the answer album, their outro song, answer: love myself, would really speak to you. love your reactions, keep going?✊(also react to the rappers solo albums: mono by namjoon(rm), agust d by yoongi(suga), and hope world by hoseok(j-hope)(last edit, sorry, but also you’d really love n.o)

  3. Fake Love MV really reflects that going through hell, each member's personal experience of hell, you'll see the connections to these solos…

    But also, Love Yourself era solos. Can't remember the order, but, Euphoria, Serendipity, Singularity, Outro: Love, Seesaw, Just Dance, and Epiphany!!!! Much less hellish, still full of meaning and the feels.

  4. I love how truly emotional music makes you and you show it and talk about it. I cry to music on a near daily basis and I always feel like I'm the only one that gets this emo over a good song ya know. Love your videos.

  5. You are THE only person that I’ve seen reacting to music that interpret to such emotional level not only the lyrics and the composition but taking everything else in consideration as well. I love your interpretation so much! And totally related to the “please don’t do that” lmao. I can’t wait until you react to them again ❤️ Pleaaaase do the solo films! You won’t regret it! Please react to the run/i need u era as well!

  6. All I'm gonna say is that all your reactions on each solos is so f* accurate… one of the best reaction video ever.

    Also me: welcome to BANGTAN UNIVERSE ?

  7. WOW. watching your video makes me understand more the BTS Universe ??? I wish that you could react to more of their songs ? I'm rooting for your explanation ?

  8. went back to watch this video to see u breakdown over first love by yoongi bc same. you'd bawl ur eyes out once u listen to agust d (his mixtape) aha

  9. So, Suga in "First Love" is actually talking about his childhood piano, not his mother. He personifies the piano and that's what is talking to him and reassuring him. I really enjoy your music and lyric analyses

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