29 thoughts on “VOCALOID5 Installation and Authorization (Windows)

  1. Links and how to do this? Im failing to download it doesnt work also, what about the voices?.I got the winrar and downloaded Rin and Len and I guess I have the files of V5 but isnt detecting voices what is happening and how to fix this?.

  2. looks as as if the download link only provided for the latest version is merely an updater and not an installer. Yamaha needs to provide a link for the base program, or they need to update the updater so it can install without an existing installation.

    To anyone having "Editor is not installed", I recommend finding the 5.0.1 installer, and running the updater after installing 5.0.1.

    *Download from third party web sites at your own risk

  3. i'm not sure if anyone can help me with this, but i have an issue.

    after downloading the editor (version 5.2.1), i can extract the zip file okay but double-clicking the .exe file will do absolutely nothing. i tried messing around with it but nothing i do os helping. any advice?

  4. Guys, I just noticed that u need to DOWNLOAD Voicebank (Amy/Chris and others) Link for amy: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7em0oifzfyxev63/Amy.zip She speak english and shes female then u can search

  5. YASSS THANKS A LOT!!! I've installed about 100 voicebanks just now 😜 Although I have only Windows 7)))))

    сасайте те у кого с 10й виндой даже программу не тянет XD

  6. Excuse me, I have something to say…"VOCALOID5 Editor Is Not Installed. The Setup Cannot Continue.". I want people with abilities to tell me what to do.

  7. I want to put my libraries on external drive. How do I do this so vocaloid sees them. I tried alias but that didn’t work.

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