We filled the ENTIRE Bedwars Map.. (Minecraft)

Giải Trí✅

➧ Bedwars.. It’s in the sky. Today, we change that. We change that by completing the challenge in which we Fill the ENTIRE Bedwars Map

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➧ Resource Pack: Toggle 16x by Doggier

➧ Server IP: mc.hypixel.net

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44 thoughts on “We filled the ENTIRE Bedwars Map.. (Minecraft)

  1. I should probably chill with these private game videos, haha!
    Anyhow, since you guys seem to enjoy these a lot, here's some MORE PRIVATE GAMES FOOTAGE! WOOHOO!

  2. You want to know something, this was one of my personal projects I always wanted too do. But I didn't have enough friends. lol

  3. Okie this is amazing nice job filling up the plot or most of it i have an idea of what you could do next just do what you did and make like a spleef game based for that video

  4. Pigicial you should do some skywars but with random kit on! you cant take armor or weapons from the chests you can only use what you get from your kit the only things you can take from chests are golden apples, lava/water buckets, fishing rods, snowballs, eggs, and blocks ofc!

  5. Aww this reminds me of me and my friends would do the exact same thing and wait for Sudden Death…. so sad because all of those people quit MC except for me :(( D:: THE MEMORYYSSS

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