What It’s Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

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Amazon has offered free two-day shipping for Prime members since 2005. As Amazon rolls out a one-day shipping guarantee for its 100 million Prime members, Amazon Flex drivers help solve the company’s last mile problem. CNBC spoke to these on-demand contract workers all over the country to find out what it’s really like to deliver for Amazon. Watch the video to hear about the pay, pace of work, and how Amazon Flex works.

Is Amazon Prime worth it? For many members, free shipping is a key Amazon Prime benefit that factors into their decision to pay $119 per year for the service. As Amazon starts offering Prime members the added benefit of one-day shipping they’re working with on-demand contract drivers to help with this especially labor-intensive and expensive hand-delivery.

We spent a day with Omar Montes, a Flex driver in the San Francisco Bay Area. Omar helped a friend deliver around 46 packages in 3½ hours, for $105. “These are like the good days that make you want to continue doing Amazon. But, you know, there’s obviously bad days too,” Montes said.

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What It’s Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

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37 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

  1. lol you want to be a delivery driver but complain about no breaks or anything, whens the last time you saw the post man or the ups or fed ex driver stop lol, they should at least get a shirt or be able to buy one thats just brand imagining, you dont want someone getting killed because the home owner didnt know they were dropping off their toothpaste

  2. Recent Flex Driver here, let me tell you how bad this really is. First of all those grey Prime vans you see on the road are dangerous as all hell. Most of those vans are is disrepair and have bare minimum upkeep done to them to the point that they are missing backup/rear view cameras and have balding tires and bad engines. This means when you see one of these vans on the road you should be very careful when passing them or even driving around them as well as when they are in the neighborhood where your children play you should tell your kids to steer well away from them! We are loaded to the point of having to smash boxes and flex totes to fit most packages and then rushed off the lot by 8:30 every morning without any breathalyzer checks or anything and in many cases our mentor apps aren’t even signed into or checked to see if they are working to ensure the drivers are doing the job safely and the scores are rarely if ever even checked by the bosses. We are sent out in single wheel drive vans regardless of weather into some of the scariest situations you could think of some days such as driving straight up mountain sides with deep ravines on both sides and no guard rails or anything again regardless off snow, rain, sleet or even blacktop or gravel. We are sent into situations where the bosses don’t even know how to handle matters such as getting stuck or attacked or wrecking or being robbed ect. People have been attacked by dogs from people ordering packages and not putting up their dangerous animals and flex drivers walk right into these situations unprepared and get injured. People have knives and guns pulled on them sometimes on weekly to monthly bases in some routing areas. The training I personally received was insane, I was on ONE ride along in which We delivered packages in a suburban area and I was not taught to drive the van or familiarize myself with it in any way other than being a passenger. The next day I was cut loose on a route in a rural area in which I was sent so far out that the gps didn’t work in many cases and was basically told DO NOT BRING PACKAGES BACK, if need be we were told to literally just leave them on random doors in the area and the neighbors would figure it out if the gps wasn’t working and support couldn’t figure it out. The main thing they want are numbers numbers numbers, the worker doesn’t matter and the customer doesn’t matter, this was absolutely a talking point during orientation amongst many other things the public would find controversial if they were to know but we aren’t permitted to take pictures or record or in some cases even take notes because (at least in my contractors case) Amazon and its subcontractors don’t want the info getting out to the public. We are also pushed so hard to get these numbers in that in many cases workers are pulling 12 hour shifts with no breaks (you can take a break but if you don’t make your route and they can’t get a rescue out to you then your screwed and will get a write up or a point against you) but yet at the end of the day they will still shave 30 minutes off your hours for a nonexistent lunch. Don’t get me wrong though, some days are excellent, you will see things you never knew were there and meet people and all that, but other days you will be sent unprepared into awful situations that these fly by night contractors Amazon has hired are not prepared nor qualified to deal with. There was a girl working the same route I drive who was hit head on in an area with no service and had broken both wrists and the other driver was unresponsive and they couldn’t get help out to them for over 2 hours because they couldn’t find them! That’s just one incident, another guy was driving one of these vans and the back wheel came off due to shoddy maintenance and flipped his van and because he wouldn’t play ball the way they wanted he was let go. Not to mention the crap I’ve seen out here. There was a guy who had the rabbit gps system route him onto a private road with no trespassing signs and was shot at before his van was blocked on the road by a tractor and a plow truck and the owner chased him up into the back of his van fearing for his life! He also didn’t have signal for good few minutes with this psycho outside his van trying to get in until he managed to get his supervisors to call the authorities and get the situation handled. This is after the supervisors had to stumble over one another on what to do because of amazons policies! The drivers safety is almost NEVER the first thought, the companies don’t care, it’s a quick money venture for the subcontractors and a way to pump more money to Amazon. I was told on day one that regardless of weather conditions and where the customer may live that the drivers safety comes second and that’s why they pay 15$ an hour, you are poorly trained and ignored on the subject of safety period. The bosses that I have seen completely uninterested in feedback and simply want those numbers. That’s not to say that some people don’t enjoy the job because some do, but anyone who’s being honest will tell you that this job is completely unprofessional, unpredictable, unprepared, and unequipped and is already getting people hurt and killed just trying to provide for their families and pay their bills. Mark my words, if Amazon doesn’t hold these subcontractors to a higher standard and start making sure these vans are equipped to do this job before sending them out to these remote stops then it will just get worse. There is a reason so many people rated Amazon a terrible company to work for but these subcontractors are worse. You can take that to the bank.

  3. I've had more lost packages, broken items and other BS in general since they started doing this. I cant even get a 2 day item to deliver on time with these clowns. All I see is a bigger mess of it if they keep this shish up.

  4. It's funny how many fools on here are trying to rationalize amazon flex being a decent job. It's HORRIBLE. No one with even basic math skills would ever do it except for maybe a couple of months to hold them over while they find a real job. Drive your car into the ground, pay for gas + maintenance, depreciation, no paid holidays, no contribution toward social security, the list goes on. People, do not do this job for more than a couple of months as a source of emergency income

  5. My two cents on delivering in Portland.1) 1st day-no help in warehouse. told them I was new. some packages not scanning well. wasn't sure what bar code to scan. felt rushed. left without my "paper". told them on the way out. no help. said I do not need it.
    2) Packages were not marked as to deliver this 1st, 2nd according to route. could only see address and not familiar with city. Assigned a 3 hr block 5p to 8p.
    3) started at 5p. left warehouse at 530p. took 30 mins to deliver 1st package. commute traffic was horrific. then multiple luxury apts that were closed and locked after 6p. customer not responding or name on apt list was missing.
    4) map on flex app took me to different areas where the freeways were close together. lost 30 mins because of that. again, terrible traffic. Otherwise flex app was pretty good.
    5) because I could not organize my packages I had to dig for every package. nightmare. late at night. no flashlight.
    6) finally at 8p I was able to start delivering to houses or easy access apts but cutoff is about 930p and the app that I was using just disappeared as I was taking a picture of a drop off.
    7) still had 4 packages to deliver but had to return them back at station at 10p.
    8) So my 1st 3 hr block lasted 5 hours and I was unable to deliver the last 4 packages.
    9) So..BYE BYE Amazon flex for package delivery. will try Instant offers..but mostly will stick to Door Dash where I know the area and not feel so rushed with less wear and tear on my car

  6. Pharaoh: "we shall double the Israelites daily brick quota"

    Jeff Bozos: "2 day delivery shall now be 1 day delivery"

  7. Problem is when I am working in the warehouse we dont have packages until the shift starts normally. Sometimes the trucks won't arrive until an hour before the drivers get there. Causing us to unload. Induct, pull, and sort all the thousands of packages to give to the driver. If there were a way to allow us to start the shift by giving packages to drivers and end the shift by readying routes for the next shift, this could allow for the routes to me shown on the app. But nobody in a big corporation listens to the little guy.

  8. Amazon not only has poor hours they bully their employees, and they misuse people’s personal information. AWS and an echo in every home… boy America is stupid. Keep giving that animal and his management team your families future and all your cash. The guy doesn’t care about his own family you think he cares about you? What a terrible country we live in.

  9. very Interesting it really was. Or We can just Re industrialize the country
    and Resurect manufactureing. Bring back Unions and you can make 30
    an hour with two breaks, lunch hour. and one or two tasks all day.
    and retire in 20 years.

  10. So let me get this straight, you don’t get to pay ur “employees/contractors” their work clothes instead they gotta pay from their own pockets, no health benefits, no car insurance, or gas, no breaks/lunch breaks, why would people wanna do this? Same goes with uber or lyft, modern slavery

  11. Anybody here done amazon flex in downtown La, ? today was my first day and it was horrible every delivery was huge apartments and inside lockers, need to put a code to get inside every building, and the parking was stressing me out! I have to illegally park for every single delivery

  12. I think california for amazon flex just sucks. I did it in las vegas for about a year and i almost always came out positive once i figured out my strategy. My best day was about $200 in about 4 hours, and i probably drove 20 miles which really isnt much in vegas thanks to our freeway systems. My fastest was $72 in 1 hour. I had about 30 packages, but they were for a hotel who accepted the packages on behalf of their guests, so i didnt have to deliver each package individually. Some apartments offer the same services. Just make sure you ask questions.

  13. Nooooo way would this be worth it lol….I deliver for DoorDash as a part time little job so I can build my savings and I make way more than these people do….and you can make your own schedule that works around a primary job. Amazon is crap.

  14. Vote Yang 2020 for President…get UBI $1000 per month for every adult citizen. You won't have to depend on Amazon so much, go find work you really want to do.

  15. I bet alot of these Flex drivers struggle. Everything they're complaining about is a normal day for a real truck driver.

  16. I worked for flex and man…it's not easy. My biggest safety concern are the dogs. Almost got jumped by 5 dogs that the owner just let roam around. Not fun man..

  17. whoa. Go to 15:36 on this video and PAUSE… look at the speedometer. That just seems so appropriately symbolic of life as an Amazon Flex driver. Lots of stress, lots of speeding down the road fast as you dare, so to speak.

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