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Remake of the classic Zuma Deluxe. This is what happens when Zuma and Luxor come together.

The mod doesn’t only feature changed graphics and new soundeffects and music, it also has several notable changes in gameplay. The level order has completely changed, coins appear in various places and many levels were added/removed bridges you can shoot through. There’s also one extra level featuring three (!) lines of balls at once.

Note: The mod is not yet completely finished. If there are bugs with it, please contact me (either via comments below or on the forum). I take no responsibility if the downloaded package causes any harm to your computer.

You must have Zuma Deluxe already installed on your computer (not necessairly full version, demo works too) to run the mod.

More about the mod + download link can be found on this forum thread:

The video presents the mod as it was in version 1.0. Currently, newest version is 1.3.

Zuma Deluxe © PopCap Games

Nguồn: https://espace-risque.com/

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20 thoughts on “Zuma Deluxe Mod Gameplay + Download

  1. Suggesting that you should put more Luxor Music instead of NON-Luxor..The Ingame music can be the one from Luxor 3 or the danger one also from Luxor 3, etc.

  2. Can you update the game by putting a real luxor music? The one that you used doesn't make sense with Luxor, and it's also very annoying!

  3. This video is very much outdated. Check out links in the description to download the lates version.
    You can see more of the mod here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoMASdnSDEA

  4. How did you change the music? The music file format required is MO3 if I recall correctly, which I do not know how to edit.

  5. Cool! If you do so well.
    You can appreciate my work with textures? Mode name: Portal Zuma.
    I'm just starting to substitute texture. I would be very little money! For criticizing
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvB6FRm5yts – Link

  6. So, I downloaded the mod, and let me say it was really good. However, when I go to Cobraic Twilight, the game crashes, and then I realized the folder entitled, warshak is missing, so if you try to play 6-6, 9-6, or 12-6, it fails to work.

  7. UPDATE: Fixed an incorrect parameter which caused a crash when playing adventure mode + added several new grapics. Download link for version 1.1 in the description.

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